Twitteuro Euro 2012 twitter trends

About Twitteuro

Twitteuro tracks the popularity and trends of the Euro 2012 teams and players in the Twittersphere. Twitteuro processes in real-time all the tweets that contain the #Euro2012 hashtag and identifies mentions to team and individual players. It assumes that the popularity of a team or a player is proportional to the number of tweet mentions. Thus, the more tweets containing the team or the player name, the higher their popularity. To help you compare the popularity of the teams and players we have developed an interactive visualization (“Bubbles”). The circles with the national flags and players photos represent the Euro 2012 teams and players. The circles are sized by the Twitteuro popularity score. If you click on a team bubble, the visualization will just display the popularity of the players from the selected team. Twitteuro will also display opinion trends about the Euro 2012 competition in general, about a specific team or even about an individual player. It also presents the latest tweets collected by Twitteuro in real-time, for a given visualization context.

How To Participate In Twitteuro?

Use Twitteuro to share your opinions about the Euro 2012 matches, teams and players. The "Share your opinion" button auto-completes your tweet with the hashtags for the Twitteuro analysis. Twitteuro was designed to be used in smartphones and tablets (iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone) during the Euro 2012 matches.

Can I Participate Using My Favorite Twitter Application?

Yes, simply tweet following some simple rules:

  1. How do I make sure Twitteuro identifies my tweets?
    You must include the #Euro2012 hashtag in your tweet. We just consider tweets with that hashtag.
  2. How can I tweet about a team?
    Just add a hashtag with the country's official name (defined by UEFA). For example: "Go #Portugal #Euro2012"
  3. How can I tweet about a specific player?
    Just add an hashtag with the player’s surname to your tweet. For example: "What a goal! #Euro2012 #Ronaldo". This means that Cristiano Ronaldo has just scored an amazing goal.
  4. How can I share a positive or negative opinion about a team or player?
    It's simple: Add the hashtag #like to convey a positive opinion or #dislike to convey a negative opinion. For example: "#Portugal is playing well! #Euro2012 #like" or "#Ronaldo just missed a decisive penalty #Euro2012 #dislike."


Twitteuro results from the collaboration of research teams from Labs SAPO (UP and Picoas), Público, Centro de Investigação Media e Jornalismo (CIMJ), Universidade do Porto (FEUP e LIACC) and Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (INESC-ID), in the scope of the REACTION research project in computational journalism.